RoadMap to the American Dream

The Cisneros Center has developed a framework to help New Americans understand the journey to the American Dream. We refer to this framework as “The American Dream RoadMap.” Our RoadMap seeks to empower New Americans with the knowledge and tools to accelerate their integration and illuminate their path to the American Dream.

  1. Road Map to the American DreamWe will add English to our first language and learn the traditions of America.
  2. We will work to become model U.S. citizens the way countless immigrants have done before.
  3. We will be a learning family and stress the importance of education, including partnering with our schools’ teachers.
  4. We will make life-long learning our family’s goal and establish college graduation or advanced education as a family tradition.
  5. We will constantly strive to improve our skills in order to meet our family’s financial needs.
  6. We will prepare for our long-term financial responsibilities, including making plans for savings, housing, college funds, health insurance, and retirement.
  7. We will learn healthy nutrition and exercise habits and be attentive to our family’s health needs.
  8. We will seek balance in our family by spending quality time together and nurturing supportive relationships.
  9. We will accept civic responsibilities and give back to our community from the blessings bestowed upon us.
  10. We will carry our home country in our hearts but commit to our obligations in the United States

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